30 Days of Books #2 – A Book You’ve Read More Than 3 Times


The Indie Exchange is hosting a special meme for the month of December: 30 Days of Books.

Day #2 – A book that you’ve read more than three times

Oh my God. Seriously, this one is a big one. There are a lot of books that I’ve read more than three times. When I was really young, it was Little House on the Prairie and The Boxcar Children. When I was in junior high, it was The Outsiders and R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Saga and Fear Street Sagas.

As an adult, I didn’t reread many books until 2009, when I read Twilight for the first time. Since then, I have read the entire Twilight Saga 4 times (Twilight 5 times), and the Harry Potter series 4 times (Sorcerer’s Stone 5 times). I have currently only read the Hunger Games trilogy twice, but I’m sure that one will increase soon.



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