30 Days of Books #3 – Your favorite series


The Indie Exchange is hosting a special meme for the month of December: 30 Days of Books.

Day #3 – Your favorite series

This one’s kind of ironic. The first book of my favorite series was actually released when I was 14, and I absolutely refused to read it. I thought it sounded stupid and totally didn’t get what the appeal was. I felt the same way about the Twilight Saga, but my friend made me read it. I loved it more than I felt possible. Because of that, I decided to give the Harry Potter series a chance, and I couldn’t believe how much I loved it! I read all 7 books in about 4 weeks, and I’ve read them multiple times since! It’s funny, though. I spent the years they were coming out avoiding them, and now I wish I could go back in time to be a part of the fandom as the books were coming out!

      deathlyhallows.jpg image by mrso822



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