30 Days of Books #11 – A Book You Hated


The Indie Exchange is hosting a special meme for the month of December: 30 Days of Books.

Day #11 – A book you hated

I had to really think about this one because it’s been a long time since I’ve downright hated a book. I haven’t liked plenty, but hated? Usually, if I’m even close to hating a book, I probably won’t finish it. But I was able to think of one. I read it in high school, and apparently I hated it so much that I forgot I even read it! lol Anyway, it was on my summer reading list for 10th grade, and it was Sula by Toni Morrison. There was just nothing appealing about this book. I didn’t like anything about it and really had to force myself to read it. Unfortunately, this was 13 years ago, so I can’t really remember much about it, but I know I hated it!



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