Mini Review – Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (audio version)

  • Title: Twilight
  • Author: Stephenie Meyer
  • Series: Twilight Saga #1
  • Next Book: New Moon
  • Source: Library

This is a mini-review because I have read Twilight six times now. I have loved it since the first reading, but I have never been able to articulate why. When I even try to say what the book is about, it sounds ridiculous, and yet I love it. Well, the first five times I read Twilight, I actually read them. For this read-through, however, I listened to the audiobook for the first time, so this mini review is not for the Twilight story at all, but only for the audio version.

I did not dislike the narration enough to DNF this audiobook, but I didn’t really like it. First, the narrator, Ilyana Kadushin, sounded a little too old to be Bella. Also, since I have seen the movies, I unfortunately hear Kristen Stewart’s voice as Bella’s. Another thing is that she really stressed the l’s in Bella. It drove me nuts, and obviously, as the narrator and main character, the name Bella is found a lot.

Something that surprised me is that I have complained in some audiobooks that I didn’t like the voices that the narrator attempted for opposite genders. However, Ilyana Kadushin, didn’t really attempt different voices for different characters. She may have changed her speaking a little, but she didn’t attempt male voices. For some reason, that kind of bothered me.

Overall, I thought that the audiobook of Twilight was tolerable, but definitely not enjoyable. If I choose to read this series again in the future, I will definitely forgo the audio version and stick to reading the print.

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