Gayle Forman Read-Along: Sisters in Sanity Week 3

This is week 3 of the Gayle Forman Read-Along, and Judith at Paper Riot is hosting the first book, Sisters in Sanity. Here are the questions, and my answers for week 3, chapters 15-21. (You can see my answers from last week here.)

1.  Let’s talk about the most important thing here: Brit + Jed. How do you feel about them finally getting together? Do you think there’s a future for them if Brit gets out of the Red Rock?

I loved Brit and Jed getting together. I thought it was really sweet and romantic, the way he went about it. I certainly hope that there’s a future for them. After the crap poor Brit is going through at Red Rock, and the issues she’s going to have with her father if/when she gets out, she’s going to need something good!

2. When Brit gets caught, V takes the blame. Why do you think she’d do that? Do you think there’s more to V than we’ve seen so far? And why would Brit be furious? Do you think this is a normal reaction?

I’m not really sure why V took the blame. I’d like to think that she was just covering for Brit, but I feel like there’s more going on there. My instinct is that, as much as she hates Red Rock, she hates her home more, so she’s willing to stay on? I don’t really know. I just feel like there’s more going on than what we’ve seen. I don’t know why Brit is furious. It definitely seemed like an odd reaction to me.

3. Maybe I was going to end up crazy too. Not the carving-my-skin, barfing-up-my-lunch, ditching-class- types that passed for crazy at Red Rock. But voices-in-my-head crazy. Crazy like my mother.” Brit is afraid she’ll end up like her mother. Why does she think this? Do you think she should feel this way? Would you feel this way?

I think it makes perfect sense that Brit is worried about turning out like her mom. For one thing, she is aware that it can be genetic. Second, Clayton is really pushing her about the possibility. I think I would feel worried that there was a chance as well.

4. Brit’s dad comes to visit, and Brit is angry at him for sending her to the Red Rock. Why did he send her there? Do you think he even knows himself? And do you think he’s right?

I definitely think that Brit’s dad sent her there because he was afraid of her turning out like her mom, but I think that this was more of a subconscious reason for him. I don’t think he’s aware of it. However, I don’t think he’s right. And realistically, even if Brit is destined to end up like her mom, I don’t think Red Rock (or anywhere at this point) can really prevent it.

5.  And then, finally, we learn that Martha is in the hospital. For Brit, this is the final drop. She’s ready to kick some Red Rock butt. How do you feel about Martha? And what do you think Brit and the Sisters are going to do? Do you think they’ll succeed?

I don’t really have any strong feelings for Martha, but I do feel sorry for her. Especially in learning a bit more about her back story and knowing that she used to be thin, that’s got to be tough for her. Also knowing that she was in pageants makes me wonder if her mom is one of those perfectionist, image-is-everything parents and is putting a ton of pressure on Martha. I don’t have the slightest clue what Brit and the Sisters are going to do, but I’m dying to find out! I do think they’re going to succeed because we’re getting awfully close to the end of the book!


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