Gayle Forman Read-Along: If I Stay Week 3

Candice at The Grown Up YA is hosting the second book, If I Stay.

1. There are several themes in If I Stay. Two that are very prevalent are sacrifice and choice. How do you think these themes affect the characters? Give an example of each and what you think about them (if you can).

Um, I think that sacrifice and choice are definitely a big deal in If I Stay. For example, Mia’s grandfather is willing to sacrifice his own desires and happiness to give Mia a choice in what she wants to do. Adam’s a little different. He doesn’t want to give Mia the choice whether to stay, but he is willing to sacrifice his own happiness to give her a choice in whether he is a part of her life if/when she decides to stay.

2. Although Mia’s family has died, Kim mentions that she still has a family. What does this mean to you? What does “family” mean in your opinion?

I actually don’t have a lot of blood family that I feel close to, so I do consider close friends to be more of a family. In my opinion, “family” are people who love and care about you and are there for you. This type of family is more important to me than those that are “family” by blood only.

3. What does Adam’s act of putting the headphones on Mia suggest about their relationship?

I think that Adam’s act of putting the headphones on Mia suggests that he really knows her very well, as it is this act that ultimately leads to her waking up. He wants to give her a reminder of something that she loves and won’t have to give up if she comes back.

4. Adam and Mia have an unconditional love. Could you make a case against this? What are some examples that you’ve read so far that could support this (if possible)?

I definitely don’t think that I can make a case against this. Both Adam and Mia love each other just the way they are, but Adam also loves Mia to the point that he’s willing to give her up if that’s what she needs in order to live.

5. Has your opinion or initial thoughts about this changed? If so, how?

I’m not really sure what opinion or thoughts might change, but I’ve still enjoyed this book, even reading it the second time around.


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