Review – The Trinity Awakening by Joseph Evans

Title: The Trinity Awakening
Author: Joseph Evans
Series: The Seckry Sequence #2
Previous Books: City of the Falling Sky
Source: Personal purchase

 Description from Goodreads:

Get ready to join Seckry and friends once again in this sequel to the best selling City of the Falling Sky!


I read Joseph Evans’ first book, City of the Falling Sky, last summer, and I really liked it. It was before I started my blog, so I only wrote a very short review on Goodreads, but I gave it 4 stars. Most of the conflict in City of the Falling Sky was resolved within that book, but it ended with a bit of an opening for a future book. Once I found out that The Trinity Awakening was being released, I knew that I’d have to read it.

The Trinity Awakening picks up on Seckry’s 16th birthday, a couple of months after the events at the end of City of the Falling Sky. A couple of days later, school starts up again, which presents new challenges, with a new city-wide exchange program being put into effect. There are new classes and new (painful) interactions with the worst teacher, Cut Throat Cutson.

I felt like The Trinity Awakening started off a bit slower than City of the Falling Sky. Actually, that may not be accurate. The pacing at the beginning was probably very similar. However, since The Trinity Awakening was a sequel and not a series premiere, I feel like it came across as slower. There was no longer the need for world-building, so Seckry’s everyday life in school, hanging out with his friends, and training for the Friction Mega Meltdown weren’t as exciting as they were the first time around.

During a detention with Cutson, Seckry comes across a hidden room. While checking it out later with Vance, he makes a few more discoveries regarding his father. When I first read Seckry’s revelation, I was rolling my eyes, feeling like this book was about to take a nosedive into Crazytown. However, it ended up not being as cheesy as I feared, and I actually really enjoyed the story line.

Even though I feel like it drew away from the pacing of the story and didn’t really help in unraveling any mysteries, I really liked the Mega Meltdown scene. I still think that Friction is a really cool video game that I would love to play at some point, so I liked reading about it. It’s similar to the quidditch scenes in Harry Potter. I liked that it was only the one game that was focused on, though, because I feel like much more than that this second book in the series would have just been too much.

After the Mega Meltdown, I felt like the pace really picked up. Things were starting to come together, and mysteries were being unraveled at a much faster pace. I will say that my favorite thing about Joseph Evans’ writing is that he manages to incorporate things into his stories that at first, you either don’t pay them much attention or wonder what the point of them is, but he manages to tie things that seem completely unrelated together in ways that you just don’t see coming. A lot of the main action and revelations at the end of the story really came as a shock to me.

While I felt like it took me a bit longer to get into than I would have liked, I really enjoyed The Trinity Awakening. I felt like the revelations were bigger, and the twists were more surprising. It definitely ended up being a great follow up to City of the Falling Sky, and I look forward to reading more from Joseph Evans!

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