Review – Young Annabelle by Sarah Tork

Title: Young Annabelle
Author: Sarah Tork
Series: Y.A. #1

Next Book: The Truth About James (expected 2014)
Source: Kindle Freebie

 Description from Goodreads:

James is a douche bag!
I miss spaghetti and meatballs!
I’m having the worst summer of my life!
My mom’s crazy, she won’t let me eat what I want!
Every calorie I consume is monitored and noted!
I miss spaghetti and meatballs so badly I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown!
Did I mention my mom’s crazy?
Did I mention I miss spaghetti and meatballs?
And then there’s the other issue, 6’2 HOT AS HELL Baseball player James……The kissing! The cuddling! The excuses! The mind games! I’m so confused, what the hell does he want from me?
Sigh! I miss spaghetti and meatballs!

Since the beginning of summer, seventeen year old Annabelle Simms has been on a diet under the harassment….scratch that….the watchful eye of her mother. If it wasn’t for her best friend Jenna who keeps her sane, she would have branded the summer as a complete yummy food-less disaster. Everything seemed to be on the same repetitive boring path until one day at work Annabelle is forced to train the new guy and suddenly summer doesn’t seem so dull anymore.


As December arrived, I realized that I was so close and yet so far to completing my A-Z Title Challenge on Goodreads. So I decided it was time to buckle down and complete it. I was having a hard time getting into my chosen book for Y, so when someone mentioned that Young Annabelle was free, I decided to give it a shot. It sounded like it could be funny, it was free, and it was short!

It ended up not being nearly as funny as I expected, but it wasn’t bad. I was a little confused, though, because it starts after Elisa’s first day of school, and she’s apparently had a bad day. The next day seems a little better, and then it rewinds to six weeks earlier. That’s where it stays for most of the book. It actually talks about how she meets James and the events over the summer.

James was a complicated character. Sometimes he seemed like an arrogant jerk, and other times he seemed really sweet and honest. It was hard to figure out my feelings for him. Annabelle was a little bit annoying, but her personality made sense. She lives in Orlando, Florida, and is a little bit overweight, so she doesn’t really get attention from guys. Her parents force her into a diet and really beat up on her about her weight, and her younger siblings join in. So, when James starts to show an interest in her, though she finds him attractive, she is very hesitant and doubts his motives.

There was nothing really about the story that grabbed me, other than my wanting to kill Annabelle’s mother almost any time she happened to be in the scene. Both Annabelle and James were up and down with their relationship and interactions with each other.

As I approached the ending of the book, I got a little confused, as it didn’t really feel like it fit with the opening chapter, but it was also left on a fairly large cliffhanger, so I will probably read the next book when it comes out. I really want to know the truth about James!

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