Book-to-Movie Friday #4: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Book to Movie Friday is a new feature I’ve created here at Mommy’s Reading Break. (If you do something similar, let me know, as I’m unaware of any!) Since I see a lot of movies because they’re based on books, or vice versa, I decided it would be a good idea to add reviews (or mini-reviews) of movies based on books. A lot of us review the books and then see the movies, but I only see a handful of blogs actually reviewing the movies as well, so that’s something I want to add here.

The Moral Instruments: City of Bones


City of Bones was another one of those books that I read because I knew it was being made into a movie. I was really late to the game on the Mortal Instruments series, and I wasn’t hooked during the first book, but I was still excited to see the movie.

I wasn’t really sold on the casting of Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace. I didn’t find him to be even slightly attractive, and he just didn’t seem to fit the description. However, as I watched him throughout the movie, he totally sold me. I thought he portrayed Jace really well. Some of the other casting really didn’t work for me, but it wasn’t a huge deal. Magnus, however, was probably my favorite casting of the whole film. Valentine was terrible.

As with any movie made from a book, there were several minor stories left out. Most of them didn’t bother me, though I think it would have been nice to have had Clary’s father, J.C., worked in somehow.

My biggest complaint at the time I was watching the movie was that the vampire scene was changed. It wasn’t a huge deal in terms to the story line, but I really liked it in the book and was sad to see how they changed it.

I really loved the movie while I was watching it. There were some things that were added into the movie that made me curious and actually convinced me to read the sequel right away. Now that I’ve read the first three books in the series (the original books, as it was supposed to be a trilogy but has since been extended), I have a few more problems with the movie. First, I felt like it gave way too much away. There were things mentioned in the movie that didn’t come out until the third book! Talk about jumping the gun!

And most importantly, they changed the ending. It didn’t really seem like a big deal to me while watching the movie, and I actually kind of liked it, but now that I’ve read further into the series, it just doesn’t make sense. They’re filming the second film, City of Ashes, now, and I’m wondering how the ending change from the first movie is going to affect the second.

Overall, though, I thought that the film adaptation of City of Bones was really good, and I immediately put it on my Christmas list. I really hope I get it, and I look forward to watching it again!


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