Review – I’ll Be Damned by Casey Keen

Title: I’ll Be Damned
Author: Casey Keen
Series: Anna Wolfe #1
Next Book: Saved by the Spell
Source: Received from author

 Description from Goodreads:

A sister kidnapped.

An impending war between Heaven and Hell looming around the corner.

A Grand Witch who has no idea what she is.

The Prince of Darkness’s obsession in claiming her.

Two sinfully gorgeous men pulling her in two different directions.

As the owner of the coffee shop Déjà Brew in Savannah, Georgia, Anna thought her life was ordinary. That is until her sister is kidnapped by a demon, prompting two handsome men to march into her life unexpectedly. Valen, the sinfully gorgeous, overprotective werewolf who is Anna’s sworn guardian and Roman, the most handsome and powerful Warlock in the entire Netherworld.

Suddenly, her world is stripped of everything she knows and replaced with frightening news about who she really is – a powerful Grand Witch. Now, it’s up to her to draw out her dormant magic, rescue her sister and stop an impending heavenly war threatening to eradicate the human race all while staying alive.


This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I think Casey Keen was asking on Goodreads if anyone was interested in reviewing her books, so I messaged her, and she sent me I’ll Be Damned (and its sequel) to review. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it is actually an adult series, which I don’t read a lot of.

I’m still having a hard time composing my thoughts on this one. Honestly, I wish that I had read it at a different time. After a great reading week, I had a short-attention span week, so I really didn’t get into it as much as I probably would have at another time. I never didn’t like it; I just didn’t find myself picking it up frequently enough. In the first seven days of reading, I only got to 49%, but then I made up for it in the next two days.

As with most paranormal series starters, I’ll Be Damned started off kind of slowly. We see some strange things happening to Anna, especially her dreams which start off right at the beginning, but it takes quite some time to actually give us some explanation, which frustrated me a little bit. However, I did like that there were quite a few higher-intensity scenes interspersed very well throughout the story, even if they did sometimes leave me confused since I still had no idea what was going on!

I really liked Anna. She is my age, and though she seems put together, with her own house and business, she isn’t a complete trainwreck or have the “ideal” life, which is one of my usual complaints about adult books. She also had some great friends, especially Martello. I can actually hear his accent so vividly in my mind, which is really interesting to me because I usually lack an imagination!

My biggest complaint is that sometimes I felt like I got a bit bogged down with the descriptions. I felt like some things were just described to death: her furniture, her clothes (everything is TIGHT! or fitted), even her coffee at one point. Do I really care that she’s drinking hazelnut coffee at one point? Not really, but it wasn’t a huge deal-breaker or anything.

Once we started getting answers, around 65%, it really picked up, and I found myself completely invested. I really enjoyed watching Anna learn and figure things out. As it got closer to the end, I got a little nervous that it was going to just end way too easily, which I wasn’t thrilled about, but that wasn’t the case. It actually ended on a cliffhanger that I wasn’t expecting, but it definitely made me more excited for the sequel than I would have been if things had just been completely wrapped up.

In some ways, I’ll Be Damned actually reminded me of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, but I liked it better. I think I related to Anna more or something, and Valen is just so much hotter than Bill! lol I would definitely recommend I’ll Be Damned to fans of paranormal romance!

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