2013 Year-End Stats and Goals for 2014

Another year is over (just about), so it’s time for another year-end recap. However, before I get to that, I’ll update on December alone, like I’ve done in my other monthly posts.

Books Read in December (Click picture for Goodreads and rating for my review.)

  1. Young Annabelle by Sarah Tork (3 stars)
  2. Losing It by Cora Carmack (4 stars)
  3. Keeping Her by Cora Carmack (2.5 stars)
  4. Vanished by Kristi Holl (1.5 stars)
  5. The Queen Bee of Bridgeton by Leslie DuBois (3 stars)
  6. I’ll Be Damned by Casey Keen (3 stars
  7. Roomies by Tara Altebrando & Sara Zarr (4 stars)
  8. Saved by the Spell by Casey Keen (4 stars)
  9. Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi (3 stars)
  10. A Date of Godlike Proportions by Tellulah Darling (3 stars)

Audiobooks Finished in December

  1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
  2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Other Reviews Posted in December

  • Parasite by Mira Grant (DNF)
  • The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering by C.S. Johnson (2 stars)
  • The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson (2.5 stars)

Discussion/Other Posts from December

New Feature: Book to Movie Friday

2013 in Review

Total Books Read: 118 (38 more than 2012), a total of approx. 40,656 pages
Rereads: 11
Audio Books: 16

Reviews Written: 108 (8 rereads not reviewed. 2 reviews not yet written. 1 review from a book read in 2012)
Ratings are for books read in 2013, whether reviewed or not.

5 stars: 21
4.5 stars: 11
4 stars: 36
3.5 stars: 5
3 stars: 23
2.5 stars: 6
2 stars: 13
1.5 stars: 1
1 star: 2
DNF/0 stars: 5

Goal Updates

1.) Read 75 books over 100 pages (part of the Outdo Yourself Challenge)

Completed 8/13/13, 111 books over 100 pages total

2.) Read at least the first book in every series from 2012’s YA Crush Tourney

13/26 completed

3.) Finally read Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Completed 4/30/13

4.) Finally complete The Bible in 90 Days

200 pages read. Incomplete.

Goodreads Challenges

2013 Reading Challenge

Completed 8/31/13, 118/85 books read

2013 A-Z Book Title Challenge

Completed 12/9/13

January Authors Challenge (1 book from an author new to you, 1 book from an old favorite, 1 book from an author with something in common with you)

Completed 1/8/13

April New Authors Challenge — Challenge yourself to read a certain amount of books by new-to-you authors

6/6+ books completed

April 1st – June 30th TBR Pile Challenge

20/9+ books completed

August New Authors Challenge – Challenge yourself to read a certain amount of books by new-to-you authors

5/3 books completed

2014 Goals

  1. Read 120 books and/or 45,000 pages (personal/Goodreads Reading Challenge). For Kindle books, pages will be taken from Hardcover version, if available. Page goal is in case I decide to read longer books, like the Song of Ice and Fire series.
  2. Read at least 30 books that I have bought (not freebies) prior to January 1st, 2014
  3. Read at least 12 books I got for free: Kindle freebies or physical gifts/wins
  4. Listen to at least 20 audio books
  5. Finish all review books and only request what I absolutely want to read
  6. 2014 A-Z Title Challenge
  7. Participate in 3 or more monthly or quarterly challenges in Goodreads group.
  8. Read Tiger Lily
  9. Finish the Dwellers/Country saga by David Estes
  10. Finish the Mortal Instruments series
  11. Reread The Hunger Games series
  12. Reread the Shatter Me series
  13. Reread the Unearthly series

I honestly don’t know if I’ll get to all of these. Looking at this now, it seems overwhelming, but here’s hoping!


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3 thoughts on “2013 Year-End Stats and Goals for 2014

  1. Xpresso Reads (@Giselleco) January 1, 2014 at 9:40 am Reply

    That Cora Carmack series seems to be a hit or miss for many. It makes me curious about it enough that I wanna try it out though >.< And I really want to do a HP re-read maybe audiobooks would be the way to go, too! Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Mommy's Reading Break January 9, 2014 at 10:36 am Reply

      I liked the first book a lot. The novella was just okay. I haven’t read any of the others. I’m on Deathly Hallows for my audio reread! It’s not bad, but I prefer reading it myself, I think.

  2. […] topic for Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2014. I feel like I pretty much covered these in my 2013 Year-End Stats and Goals for 2014 post and my 2014 Reading Challenges/Goals page, but let’s see if I can think of a couple different […]

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