Book-to-Movie Friday #5: Twilight

Book to Movie Friday is a new feature I’ve created here at Mommy’s Reading Break. (If you do something similar, let me know, as I’m unaware of any!) Since I see a lot of movies because they’re based on books, or vice versa, I decided it would be a good idea to add reviews (or mini-reviews) of movies based on books. A lot of us review the books and then see the movies, but I only see a handful of blogs actually reviewing the movies as well, so that’s something I want to add here.

The Twilight Saga: Twilight

This month’s Book-to-Movie Fridays will focus on the Twilight Saga movies. Most of you have probably already seen them, but I want to talk about my feelings about them anyway!


I was pretty late to the Twilight party. By the time I read it in 2009, all 4 books had already been released and so had the first movie. Also, the copy of Twilight that I read was a movie tie-in version, so I knew what the main actors looked like. For that reason, I missed all the drama about casting, though it was quickly made clear to me in my reading that most of the characters were not cast very well.

Though I love the Twilight books, I will admit that the books are a bit cheesy, but the first movie was so much worse. One of the first things that struck me about the movie was the casting. I actually really liked Robert Pattinson as Edward, even though I wouldn’t exactly classify him as beautiful. It was the minor characters that bothered me more. Anna Kendrick is amazing, but Jessica is supposed to be short with curly hair. Alice is supposed to be short and skinny. But perhaps the worst casting to me was Rosalie and Carlisle. Nikki Reed has grown on me, and I love me some Peter Facinelli, but why they felt the need to cast dark-haired actors as the two blond characters just escapes me.

I was still fairly new to book-to-movie adaptations when I watched Twilight for the first time, so a lot of the changes they made really bothered me. Some of them still bother me, but I understand others more as I’ve seen more and more books adapted. For example, at the beginning of the movie, Bella and Jacob see each other, and she remembers him. Not a major difference, but it bothered me. Does it really matter that much whether or not Bella remembered Jacob? Also, Jacob’s hair was supposed to be long but pulled back in a ponytail, but I digress. Overall, the movie started off fairly strongly, other than the questionable casting.

When the movie really took a downturn for me was once Bella and Edward started interacting. I don’t know if Rob and Kristen lacked chemistry at the time or what, but most of these scenes were just painful to watch. The absolute worst for me was the “spider monkey” scene. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about. One of the lamest additions ever.

Also, part of the story line just doesn’t even make sense. With there being hints of the bad vampires early on in the movie, none of the interactions between Bella and Edward make sense. Knowing what we do about his character, he should have been much more protective much earlier on. I know that they were trying to add tension to make the movie more interesting, maybe to even draw in the boyfriends of the young girls who would want to see the movie, but it just didn’t work.

Overall, I will always love Twilight because it’s a Twilight movie and you can’t have the rest of the movies without the first, but on its own, it was a terrible adaptation of the book!


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