Mini-Review – A Date of Godlike Proportions by Tellulah Darling

Title: A Date of Godlike Proportions
Author: Tellulah Darling
Series: Blooming Goddess #2.5
Previous Book: My Date From Hell

Next Book: My Life From Hell (expected 2014)
Source: Personal Purchase

 Description from Goodreads:

There’s bound to be pressure when it takes 2500 years to get to a second date. Which is exactly why Theo Rockman, a.k.a. Prometheus, would rather not go. With his best friend gravely injured and the fate of humanity still on the line, Theo has all sorts of creative excuses to avoid dating swoon-worthy god and love of his life, Hephaestus.

YA romantic comedy gets an epic mythological twist in the free (at select retailers) short story A Date of Godlike Proportions (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book 2.5). Being human hasn’t killed Theo, but this date just might.


When I agreed to review the first two books in Tellulah Darling’s Blooming Goddess trilogy, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. But I ended up really liking them and being very anxious for the last book, which still doesn’t have a release date. So when Tellulah announced that she was releasing a short story set within this world, I jumped at the chance to win it.

I liked being inside Theo’s head and learning a little bit more about him than we can just from Sophie’s perspective, and I liked all of his friends ganging up on him to make him go on the date. I thought it was really cute that a date made him nervous. And I also liked how just about everything that can go wrong on this date does.

My biggest complaint is that while it was a cute story, I’m not really sure of the point of it within the larger story. Maybe there wasn’t a point, and it was just a cute little addition? I’m not really sure. Either way, while I liked it, I didn’t find it to be anything spectacular.

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