Book-to-Movie Friday #11: The Host

Book to Movie Friday is a new feature I’ve created here at Mommy’s Reading Break. (If you do something similar, let me know, as I’m unaware of any!) Since I see a lot of movies because they’re based on books, or vice versa, I decided it would be a good idea to add reviews (or mini-reviews) of movies based on books. A lot of us review the books and then see the movies, but I only see a handful of blogs actually reviewing the movies as well, so that’s something I want to add here.

The Host


I already wrote this once, and it didn’t save, so now I have to try to remember what I said.

When I read The Host back in 2009, I really liked it, but it wasn’t one that I could just go back and reread. There was just something about it that didn’t lend itself to rereading as well as Twilight did. But a few years later, I did an audio reread in preparation for the movie, and then forgot about the movie for months. But I finally watched it!

There were some minor things that bothered me about the film adaptation, specifically the fact that they changed Melanie’s suicide attempt (jumping down an elevator shaft in the book versus jumping out a window in the movie) and the shiny silver cars that all the Souls drove. And the Seeker seemed a lot more violent in the movie. There were also a few characters cut out that I missed, and I really liked hearing Wanda talk about her previous planets in the book. I can kind of see why it was cut out of the movie, but I think it would have made for some awesome visuals.

There was also a lot about the movie that I liked. Sometimes in the book, I got bogged down in the details. There’s a lot of time spent in Wanda’s mind, and her thoughts are all over the place a lot. I’m sure that would not be easy or interesting to adapt to film. Also, sometimes I felt like Stephenie got a little too carried away and explaining the day-to-day life in the caves, and that really slowed down the pace of the book sometimes. Having a lot of that cut out in the film definitely made it move faster and was easier to get into.

Overall, I thought that The Host was a great adaptation. There are always going to be things cut out, changed, or that I missed, but there was a lot more that I liked about it.

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