Stats and Goals Progress – February 2014

This post was inspired by The Perpetual Page Turner’s Monthly Rewind and A Librarian’s Library’s My Month in Review

I had a slower month in February than January, but still not too bad.

Books Finished in February  

  1. The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan (4 stars)
  2. Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor (4 stars)
  3. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi (5 stars)
  4. The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan (4 stars)
  5. Athena the Brain by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams (2.5 stars)
  6. Persephone the Phony by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams (2 stars)
  7. The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (3 stars)
  8. My Life From Hell by Tellulah Darling
  9. Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

Audiobooks Finished in February

None. I really slacked this month!

Books DNF’d in February

  1. Mind Games by Kiersten White
  2. 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney

Other Reviews Posted in January

  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (4 stars)
  • Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter (4 stars)
  • The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan (3 stars)
  • The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan (4 stars)

Book-to-Movie Fridays

Goal Updates

1.) Read 120 books and/or 45,000 pages

Currently at 21/120 and 8,389

2.) Read at least 30 books that I have bought prior to 1/1/14

Currently at 6/30

3.) Read at least 12 books that I got for free: Kindle freebies, or gifts/wins

No progress yet

4.) Listen to at least 20 audio books

Currently at 1/20 (though I switched between kindle and audio for Alice in Zombieland)

5.) 2014 A-Z Title Challenge

Currently at 14/26: A, B, F, H, I, L, M, O, P, R, S, T, X, Z

7.) Participate in 3 or more monthly or quarterly challenges in Goodreads group

Currently working on 1/3

8.) Read Tiger Lily

9.) Finish the Dwellers/Country Saga by David Estes

10.) Finish the Mortal Instruments series


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2 thoughts on “Stats and Goals Progress – February 2014

  1. amandasnoseinabook March 1, 2014 at 4:08 pm Reply

    Wow! You read a lot in February (you make me feel like I am slacking!) and I can see a trend in the topics of the books you read. I love mythology and just finished House of Hades from the Heroes of Olympus series.

    Happy reading! I look forward to reading your posts from March!

    • Mommy's Reading Break March 1, 2014 at 10:31 pm Reply

      Aw, thanks! I actually slowed way down toward the end of the month. I’m trying to work out a better balance now.

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